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Carriages and Sleighs


A ride in a horse-drawn carriage, which provides room for max. 5 adults, guarantees an unforgettable journey through time. In winter two sleighs, offering room for a maximum of 4 adults per sleigh, give you an opportunity to discover our beautiful “They” valley, a car-free journey in the glittering snow! There is also a taxi service for those who wish to go to the “Chez Albert” restaurant in “They”, which offers a warm and rustic atmosphere.

Dinner by reservation only,please call 079 399 62 21.


Price :


Horse-drawn carriage with a maximum of 5 adults p                                         CHF 160.-


Sleigh rides (max 4 adults) to “They”,one-way                                                      CHF   120.-

Sleigh rides (max 4 adults) to “They” and back                                                     CHF   160.-

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